Change Your Life (and Lifestyle) - Reach Your Potential - Become a Partner

Tired of your recruiting career progression being slowed and frustrated?
Tired of office politics preventing your growth?
Tired of earning less than your potential?

Ready to work in an environment that offers you a clear path to Partnership (and profit-sharing)?
Ready to jump-start your promotion path?
Ready to work with intelligent Management who support your growth but also get out of your way?

Embarc is transforming Japan’s recruiting world by offering the most efficient infrastructure, platform, and support network in Japan for experienced Consultants to maximise their potential.

We welcome Consultants who want to keep a larger percentage of the earnings that their hard work produces.
We welcome Consultants who are proven, mature, and desire a supportive, tight-knit culture which will allow them to develop faster and take on more responsibility.
We welcome Consultants who are ready to step-up, lead, and be supported and rewarded for it.
We welcome Consultants who don’t enjoy office politics frustrating their growth.
We welcome Consultants who are ready to earn a high income NOW, not five years from now.




Embarc is a technology-focused recruitment firm based in Tokyo. The leadership of the firm has over 30 years of collective, proven experience in rapidly growing recruiting firms in both revenue and size.




Embarc is composed of talented technology-focused Consultants and Partners who are on a mission to transform “business-as-usual” in the Japanese recruitment market.

Best Tech Database in Tokyo: Our database has the best functionality and “logical ease of use” of any in this market, hands-down, which means you can source and get the most candidates “out to the market” faster than any other firm.

Talented, No-nonsense Team: Embarc only hires experienced, talented Consultants who have a proven track record and team-oriented personality.

Best Career Path on Offer: We offer a crystal-clear path to Partnership (profit-sharing), and it can happen as quickly as one year. You decide how fast you want to make it happen; we will support you and get out of your way.

Supportive Leadership: Our Leaders genuinely want to nurture your career growth, and we will ensure that you work in a tight-knit, efficient group as a team to make that happen. You are not “on your own”; you are part of a unit on a “mission of success and growth.” We have experience in the Japanese market, both agency-side and internal talent acquisition.




Embarc is interested in receiving applications from experienced, proven Consultants who have added value to their current firms.

We prefer Consultants who have been in their current firms for a few years, but who feel that their potential hasn’t been realised--due to being in the wrong environment / company culture.

We seek mature Consultants who are ready for work-life balance in an environment that focuses on recruitment and monetary gain for all--not on egos and politics.




Make the first step to actually enjoying your work: reach out to us today!


Desired Skills and Experience

  • Reside in the Tokyo area.
  • Hold a valid working visa, and have proven recruiting experience working in Japan.
  • Basic Japanese language ability is required, but applicants with strong Japanese will be favored (JLPT N1, N2).