The Embarc Way

Good service is good business

Embarc’s recruitment methodology is founded on the commitment to delivering a results-oriented, process driven, personalised service. Our consultants work extremely hard to make every detail matter, and since we don’t adhere to a one size fits all policy, every assignment is tailor-made to meet your needs.

Cold calling, and direct networking is crucial to the Embarc process in identifying dormant talent. We source, approach, consult, and introduce the very best professionals for our clients requirements. Our consultants proactively reach out to the most qualified candidates politely, professionally, and with discretion.

For over a decade, Embarc have developed a strong referral network that regularly supplies us and our clients with the best talent. For many client companies looking to make an important strategic hire, we're often already in a dialogue with top candidates considering their career opportunities.

Real success comes from partnerships and collaboration. That is how we built our business and is how we aim to grow your business. Our clients' goals become our goals. We pursue our clients' interest with the same integrity and drive we demand from ourselves. We interview all candidates and use this process to identify and delineate their soft skills such as personality, character and leadership with hard skills including accreditation, education, certification and KPI history.

Today, our clients face relentless competitive pressures, changing market conditions and ever-increasing customer expectations. Organizations today cannot afford to be complacent about leadership decisions. Drawing on a deep understanding of today’s business challenges our consultants apply a disciplined approach, industry-specific knowledge and sound judgment to every search.

Any recruitment firm can find a resume with keywords that match a job description. The Embarc process goes much further, and rightly so. We’ve been matching clients and candidates for a long time and our network of industry talent has been growing ever since.

Our consultants are well connected and resourceful. We often present talented bilingual professionals who aren't typically in the job market but whose interest has been aroused as a result of our ability to represent you and your employment opportunities. We optimize your time investment in recruitment, we carefully filter all candidates, so you don't have to. First we pre-screen candidates for people skills. Second we screen for technical & business skills. Third we screen for your company culture fit, coordinate between client and candidate, and finally when appropriate, we conduct reference checks. Out of a large pool of prospective candidates, we aim to send you only 2-3 candidates per opening.

Clients and candidates consistently praise our account management involvement. We collaborate with you in a manner that matches your work style best, through onsite visits, cloud tools, phone calls and emails. As we learn more about your objectives, we try to anticipate your needs, and assist in planning your staffing requirements.

That is the Embarc way.